Totally Nuts

Sheer bliss with a delicious, healthy mix of scrumptious nuts, tasty cereals, and sweet cranberries that tickle your taste buds!


Totally Nuts granola contains only healthy and natural ingredients: oat flakes, cashew nuts, grated coconut, agave, almonds, cranberries, walnuts, hazelnuts, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds, linseeds, sesame seeds and cinnamon.

Beneficial to your health

Totally Nuts is a 100 percent natural and artisanal granola, without preservatives, added sugars, and artificial colouring and flavouring agents. A healthy treat packed with natural energy and a boost for your vitality!

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Taster bags

Two taster bags that make you crave for more.

Price: € 4.95


Totally Nuts

Your very own bucket, filled with 500 grams of scrumptious granola for intense enjoyment.

Price: € 12.95


Best Deal 9+1

Ten buckets (500 grams) with delicious granola at the cost of nine buckets.

Price: € 142.45


Gift box 1

One bucket Totally Nuts granola (500 g) including a breakfast bowl.

Price: € 24.95


Gift box 2

Totally Nuts and Crazy Chocolate-granola (2 x 500 g) including a breakfast bowl.

Price: € 35.95


Gift box 3

Totally Nuts and Crazy Chocolate-granola (2 x 500 g) including two breakfast bowls.

Price: € 49.95


Discover our Crazy Chocolate granola

Granolapannenkoeken Avocado-smoothiebowl met granola

Inspiring recipes

Finger-licking good smoothies, ice lollies or pancakes with granola? They’re all possible! Discover all the exquisite and healthy recipes you can prepare with Lynn’s Granola and enhance your granola experience!

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