Lynn, the driving force behind delicious and healthy granola

My name is Lynn De Merlier. I am a professional osteopath and nutritionist from Lokeren, Belgium. Health and healthy food are my passions, though people who know me might find the word passion a bit of an understatement. And they are quite right at that! Because my life’s purpose is to help people to feel fit and vital, so that they can enjoy life to the fullest, just like me.

Lynn’s Granola is a product of my immense passion for health and healthy food. By introducing a versatile and natural food product, I want to stimulate people to consume more healthy foods that are actually delicious. Because health and taste are a perfect match. The proof? After a couple of months of experimenting, I found two new exquisite granola recipes with Totally Nuts and Crazy Chocolate.

Did you know that…

  • … my friends and family sometimes call me crazy, and that is why my granolas are called Totally Nuts and Crazy Chocolate?
  • … I am quite the perfectionist and I wouldn’t rest until I had a granola that tasted like fresh oven-baked cookies?
  • … I really love watching the entire production process of my granola up close and personal?
  • … my son Matteo loves my granola and feasts on it quite often?
  • … my motto is ‘dream big, start small’?


Would you like to know more about Lynn’s Granola? Feel free to contact me.